Wasp Nest Removal in the South Fraser Area

wasp nest removal

Requests for wasp nest removal are very common in the Surrey, Langley, Delta and White Rock areas.

Bees, hornets and wasps are, for the most part, a very beneficial group of insects, being the major pollinators of flowering plants and helping to reduce the numbers of many insect pest species. Unfortunately, some wasp species are dangerous to humans because of their venom stings. Yellow jackets, bald faced hornets, and paper wasps are the most common species found in the South Fraser area.

Wasp Nest Treatment

The best way to remove a wasp nest is contacting a pest control professional. It may seem like an easy job, but a pest control expert is professionally trained to handle and remove wasp nests in a safe and efficient manner, and here’s why:

  • Safety equipment: An exterminator has access to personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protective equipment (RPE).
  • Working in small spaces: Pest specialists are trained and qualified to work in small spaces such as your attic.
  • Professional products: Wasp exterminators have access to, and are professionally trained to use a variety of pest control products not available to the public. These products are more powerful than any DIY products on the market and have a proven track record of successfully removing wasp nests.
wasp nest removal

Wasp Nest Prevention

  • Remove sources of food around the exterior of your home or building
  • Keep doors and windows shut.
  • Place wasp-repelling plants around your home and porch. Such plants can include wormwood, marigold, mint, basil, pennyroyal, and geranium.
  • Check for nests periodically before they develop. Early spring is a great time to do this.
  • Seal garbage cans and compost piles. Wasps are attracted to these odors.
  • Cover any holes on the ground.

Request Professional Help!

An invasion of wasps on your property can cause a lot of stress in regards to your family’s safety. The exterminators at South Fraser Pest Solutions are experts in safe and effective wasp nest removal.

We serve the areas of Surrey, Langley, Delta, White Rock and Tsawwassen.

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