Silverfish Control in the South Fraser Area

If you think you’re seeing silverfish, don’t hesitate in requesting expert silverfish control help!

We receive plenty of silverfish control calls here at SFPS. Silverfish and their close relatives Firebrats are characterized by three long tail-like appendages arising from the tip of the abdomen.

They have chewing mouthparts, long antennae and the body is almost always covered with scales.

silverfish control

Signs of Silverfish

Silverfish and firebrats feed and cause damage to a variety of materials, but seem to prefer materials of plant origin that are high in carbohydrates and protein. Examples: book bindings or behind wallpaper, and on paper, paper sizing, cereal grain products and dried meat.

Silverfish Control Treatment

Diatomaceous earth. This looks a bit like flour, but it’s actually naturally occurring, crushed-up sedimentary rock. Dust the infested parts of your home with the substance, then wait. Silverfish are not attracted to diatomaceous earth, but if they come into contact with its shard-like particles, they dehydrate and die.

Pyrethrin. The active ingredient in many flea-and-tick pet collars, pyrethrin can be successfully used to exterminate silverfish

Propoxur. Available in liquid and powder form, propoxur is like pyrethrin in that it’s effective against a variety of insects, silverfish included.

Silverfish Prevention

The silverfishes strive to dwell in damp and moist areas and also in poor hygiene areas. Hence their infestation can be prevented if you can dry up wet and damp places immediately.

Try to maintain the moisture in the house at low levels as the insects do not like dry environments.

Make sure that you keep all grains, cereals, flour, sugar and cookies in tightly sealed containers.

Request Professional Help!

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