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Due to rapid population growth and our committment to eco-friendly refuse, we have seen a spike in rodent control requests over the past few years.

Rodents are fast breeders, will gnaw on wallboards and wiring, and can transmit diseases.

We all know the anxious feeling we get from discovering the prescence of mice or rats in our home. Read this page to understand a little more about the type of rodent species seen in B.C., what you can do to prevent them and who to call if you need professional help!

Rodent Species in B.C.


The smallest of the three. They have pointed noses, large round ears and a long hairless tail.

Mice droppings are dark brown and pellet-shaped. Typically about 6mm in length.

Norway Rat

Small eyes and ears. Rounder noses. Tails shorter than their head and body combined length.

Norway Rat droppings are dark and oval-shaped. Typically about 15-20mm long.

Black Rat

Also called Roof Rats. Slimmer than the Norway Rat. Larger eyes and ears with a pointed nose and scaly tail.

Black Rat droppings are 10-15mm in length and have pointed ends.

Rodent Control Prevention

  • Place wired mesh around the openings of buildings (vents, chimneys, etc.).
  • Repair damaged door screens.
  • Seal entry points on outside of home or business.
  • Store food in sealed containers and inspect food bags and boxes.
  • Keep your home clean of food crumbs and moisture.
  • Dispose of garbage regularly.

Request Professional Help!

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