Raccoon Removal

If you have a raccoon for a roommate, call the team at South Fraser Pest Solutions. We are raccoon removal experts!

raccoon removal

Considered one of the most intelligent species amongst the most common pests in BC, the raccoon is deemed to have a higher intellect than the domestic cat. With no natural predators they live a carefree life and have readily adapted to living with humans. As a result, this makes them one of the most commonly dealt with from our collection of offenders. For a raccoon, urban sprawl is a positive thing as it has given way to an increase in food sources, with plenty of garbage cans and dumpsters to choose from. Raccon removal requests are very common in the Lower Mainland.

Raccoon Dangers

Raccoons residing in a home may cause potential damage to the structure of a home by chewing ducts, tearing insulation pipes, droppings also irritate and carry different diseases.

Raccoon Removal

raccoon removal

Do not poison or kill raccoons! It is illegal in Canada.

A professional pest control company must be contacted to deal with the situation. They will attempt to track the raccoon and then release it back into the wild away from urban developments.

Raccoon Prevention

  • Use heavy duty trash tins with locking covers.
  • Keep trees at distance from rooftop.
  • Always cover chimneys.
  • Make sure holes in walls and roofs are well repaired.
  • Make sure garage and shed doors are closed in the evenings and overnight.

Request Professional Help!

It’s time to tell that unwanted roommate that they have to go! Let our experts handle your racoon issue as soon as possible.

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