Mice Control in the South Fraser Area

mice control

Mice control is an ever-worsening problem in the Surrey, Langley, Delta and White Rock areas – as development continues to boom.

Mice have covered short hair that often spotted in light brown, black or grey in colour. They are characterized by lighter bellies, long ears and distinguished long straight hair at the snout. There are over 20 species of mice, however the only one that tends to encounter humans and their dwellings is the common house mouse. We have seen a huge spike in mice activity over the last few years due to the eco-friendly refuse initiative. Although it is great for the environment, the odors and waste are very attractive to mice.

Signs of Mice

  • Fecal Pellets
  • Gnawing damage
  • Strange holes in a room
  • Urine stains

Mice Control Treatment

Traps and bait are considered the most effective. With regards to mice, the more traps the better. Mice are very small so it’s important to have a large number of traps close to together to prevent them from avoiding the traps.

mice control

Mice Control Prevention

  • Sanitate susceptible areas
  • Seal possible entry points
  • Place wired mesh around the openings of buildings

Request Professional Help!

As cute as they can be, mice also cause stressful sanitation problems. Our team at South Fraser Pest Solutions are experts in mice control. Give us a shout today!

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