Bed Bug Treatment

bed bug treatment

Bed Bug Removal in Surrey, Langley, Delta and White Rock

Waking up to bed bug bites can be a scary and stressful problem for you and your family. The exterminators at South Fraser Pest Solutions specialize in safe and effective bed bug treatment. Read the information below to understand how bed bugs work, then fill out the form below or call (604) 716-2049 today to get started on your free quote.

Bed bugs are tiny parasites that feed on human or animal blood. Reddish-brown in colour, they are often hard to spot at first. As they grow, the bugs may seem to be nothing more than tiny specks on bed linens, clothing, or carpets

Bed Bug Signs

  • The most common sign of bed bugs is itching, if your skin is constantly itchy after sleeping then bed bugs may be the cause.
  • Noticing tiny red marks on your skin is another sign that the bugs are present.
  • You may notice tiny specks on your sheets. Those specks could be blood marks or they could be excrement left by the bugs.

Bed Bug Treatment

bed bug treatment
  • Chemical Treatment: There are a variety of sprays with common ingredients like pyre-thrum.
  • Heat Treatment: Arguably the most effective method. Professionals apply heat to the infected areas with specialized equipment.
  • Freezing Treatment: Freeze the bugs to death with a spray

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