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ant control

Ant control requests are very common in the South Fraser area. Although there are many different species of ants, carpenter ants are by far the most common in the region. A carpenter ant is distinguished by its dark red legs and thorax. They can cause severe damage to wooden structures in your home as they feed off of wood. This can result in bits of sawdust like material around your home.

Ant Control Treatment

A pest control specialist is essential when dealing with carpenter ants. Many of the products necessary to remove ants are only available to licensed professionals.

Preventing Ant Problems

  • Make sure your gutters are cleaned regularly to prevent overflow.
  • Ensure the wood siding of your home is not touching the moist earth around it.
  • Don’t pile firewood near the house or let branches from trees touch the building.
  • Remove all stumps and logs from nearby, and check for rotting landscape ties.
  • Make sure you repair all plumbing leaks as soon as they’re spotted.

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