5 Summer Pest Control Tips

BC is known for its beautiful summer weather. Don’t let pests ruin your family’s fun. Be prepared with these easy-to-remember pest control tips.

1. Don’t Let Your Guard Down!

Rodents will enter your home in the summer. Be sure to check and seal all entry points.

  • Place wired mesh around the openings of buildings (vents, chimneys, etc.).
  • Repair damaged door screens.
  • Seal small entry points on outside of home or business (drainage pipes, cracks in floors, walls, ceilings, etc.).

2. Prepare for Wasps

We all know that feeling when we’re enjoying a peaceful summer night at home and its interrupted by the buzz of a wasp. This is not just an annoyance; wasps can cause damage if not dealt with. Be sure to wasp-proof your home before it gets out of hand.

  • Prevent hives by fixing old fences, decks or damaged siding.
  • Keep feeders and flowers away from common entrances.
  • Just like any pest, keep your trash secure and home clean!

3. Watch for Sawdust Piles

Keep an eye out for sudden, fine sawdust piles as this could be a sign of carpenter ants. You may sweep away the pile and then notice it reappear soon after. These small dump piles are from ants pushing unwanted debris out of their nest.

Dump piles are a reliable indiciator of an infestation. So, if you see these signs, request help immediately. Carpenter ants can do some real damage to the structure of your home.

4. Get Rid of Standing Water

Whether its from watering your garden, or setting up a Slip-N-Slide for the kids, warm weather means lots of water. Don’t let the aftermath stick around too long. Stagnant puddles will attract ants, termites, mosquitos and more.

  • Be sure there is proper drainage where you’re pouring out buckets.
  • Keep buckets overturned when sitting outside so they do not fill with rainwater.
  • Check to make sure that your gutters and downspouts are not clogged.

5. Clean Up Yard Waste

Don’t let pests set up their own homes on your property. Whether its a landscaping project or routine yard maintenance, be sure to clean up any trimmings, leaves, dirt, etc. Put it in your yard waste bin and have it removed from the property.