3 Tips to Keep Ants Out of Your Kitchen

1. Hide Your Sugar

Sugar is high energy for ants and they are attracted to anything that contains it. Keep sweet things and other similar food items in tightly sealed containers. If you spill sugar or juice, clean it up thoroughly and immediately.

2. Seal Entry Holes

You need to do some of your own scouting work if you have noticed ants in your kitchen. Follow the first ants to see what they are using to enter and leave your home. If you don’t know, be proactive and seal all entry holes you can find by using caulk, glue, plaster, or some other sealant.

3. Don’t Leave Out Any Food

After you have finished your meal, do not leave dirty dishes in the sink, or thoroughly rinse any leftover food off plates. Ants also love crumbs so make sure to clean your toaster regularly. Vacuuming out your pantry and cupboards from time to time is also helpful.